Национальный центр электронных услуг

About NCES

The National Center for Electronic Services is a rapidly evolving entity that acts as the infrastructure operator of the most important interdepartmental information systems that make up the foundation of the Belarusian e-government.

The main objectives of NCES include the provision of digital services, the development of information systems and resources for the provision of electronic services, and participation in the formation and development of the state system for the provision of digital services.

The entity provides more than 300 types of services for citizens and businesses. The supreme bodies of state power, a number of large companies in the real sector of the economy, organizations of various types and forms of ownership are among our customers.

Incorporator of our entity

NCES was established in 2012 by the Operational and Analytical Center under the President of the Republic of Belarus (OAC).

OAC is a state body that regulates the cybersecurity of information infrastructure facilities in Belarus. In addition, OAC acts as an independent regulator of the telecommunications market.

At the initiative of the OAC, significant national-scale projects are being implemented in the reporting institutions (Scientific Research Institute of Technical Information Protection, National Traffic Exchange Center, National Center for Electronic Services): a unified republican data network, smooth 4G Internet, a republican cloud platform and others, creating prerequisites for the development of e-government technologies in Belarus.

Our team

Анастасия Чупина, начальник отдела администрирования информационных систем Ольга Стрельченя, начальник отдела внедрения и сопровождения услуг Наталья Ширатова, начальник отдела продаж и обслуживания клиентов Алла Ходосок, главный бухгалтер
Наталья Сидоркевич, начальник отдела правового сопровождения
Светлана Караневич, начальник отдела электронной коммерции Владимир Басько, начальник республиканского удостоверяющего центра
  Олег Секлицкий, начальник отдела информационной и объектовой безопасности Ольга Ширма, заведующий планово-экономическим сектором
  • I

    2012 - 2014

    • NCES was established on March 19, 2012. The entity was incorporated with the aim to establish the country’s single operator of the state system of electronic services.
    • Implementation of electronic document management services on the basis of the EDMS “Cloud Chancellor”.
    • Implementation of electronic document management services on the basis of the EDMS “SMBusiness”.
    • Formation of the data exchange format between subscribers of the interdepartmental document management system.
    • Opening of the republican certification center with the aim of issuing uniform electronic digital signature keys.
    • Formation of the information intermediaries institution for the provision of electronic services of a national automated information system.
    • Modernization of the Central Electronic Services Portal, portal.gov.by.

  • II

    2015 - 2016

    • Opening a new office of NCES at Rakovskaya, 14.
    • Obtaining a telecommunications licence.
    • NCES is an official partner of VMware.
    • NCES is the national trusted third party operator.
    • Implementation of videoconferencing services, Web-IEDMS, configurations of electronic document management services for 5 and 10 workstations.
    • Implementation of EDS services on a SIM card, confidential workflow email services, configurations of electronic workflow management services for 1 and 3 workstations.
    • Second phase of implementation of the software package “Unified Service Desk”.
    • Provision of administrative procedures on the Central Electronic Services Portal.
    • Opening of 9 regional registration centers of the RCC.

  • III

    2017 - 2020

    • NCES is an official provider of hosting services.
    • Development and implementation of 49 electronic services of the National Automated Information System (NAIS), 11 administrative procedures.
    • Implementation of services for the issuance of a basic attribute certificate to a certificate of an individual, an attribute certificate for work with National Social Security Fund (NSSF) systems.
    • Implementation of the services of IS “Universal Access System”, AIS “Departmental Archive”, “Pashtar” (Post Officer) system.
    • Implementation of the Administrative Complaint module, Profile module, MTS Money service on the Central Electronic Services Portal.
    • Opening of 35 registration centers in all regions.


We are the operator of:

Interdepartmental information systems:

interdepartmental electronic document management system (IEDMS) of government agencies,

National Automated Information System (NAIS);

integrated information system of the EEC;

single information system for monitoring the execution of instructions of the President of the Republic of Belarus,

Identification systems and services:

certification and registration centers of SMSPK;
trusted third party service.

Licenses, certificates