Национальный центр электронных услуг


Electronic Document Management Services

Service for the delivery of electronic documents  «mDoc»

Services of the interdepartmental electronic document management system

Services of the automated information system «Departmental Archive»

Services of the National Automated Information System

Services of the software package «Unified Service Desk»

Services of the Republican Certification Center

Universal Access System services

Services of the public secured e-mail system for confidential workflow (AS PSEMS)

Services of secured e-mail system «Pashtar»

Video conferencing services on the basis of TrueConf Server

Services of the video conferencing information system for confidential workflow

Virtual data center service

Secure hosting services

Sale of licenses for Kaspersky Lab products

Sale of licenses for products of ESET company

Trusted Third Party service

Validation of the form of the external submission of an electronic document

Conference room services

Consulting services